Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students with disabilities are entitled to accommodations in college. However, the responsibilities of the student and the types of accommodations that may be offered differ between high school and college.
Students with disabilities have the right to:

  • reasonable accommodations, appropriate academic adjustments, and reasonable auxiliary aids and services
  • privacy with regards to disability-related information, except as disclosures required or permitted by law
  • equal access to programs, activities, courses and services

Students with disabilities have the responsibility to:

  • meet all academic requirements of the College
  • disclose their disability to the Disability Services office as early as possible to request accommodations
  • speak with professors early in the quarter regarding accommodation needs
  • provide the required documentation of disability
  • follow processes for requesting accommodations

NOTE: Prior history of accommodation does not guarantee similar accommodations at the college level. The College is not obligated to make an adjustment that would fundamentally alter any essential elements of a course/program. Once issued, grades for an assignment or for a course are not altered if a student later discloses a disability.