Process for Requesting Accommodations

Upon admission to the College, students with physical, psychological, and/or learning disabilities can register with the Disability Officer and request academic accommodations. Disclosure of disability is strictly voluntary. The College’s admission process is independent from consideration of student disabilities. ¬†Records maintained by the Disability Officer are maintained separately from enrollment and registration records.

A student requesting accommodations may be required to provide documentation of the related disability, such as a written statement from a physician or psychologist. The student should also be prepared to discuss the types of accommodations he/she may need.

The student may contact the College’s Disability Officer, Stan Fleming (, ¬†406.275.4968) to schedule an appointment to discuss available services. Stan Fleming will assist the student by providing recommendations for appropriate accommodations or other services.

Examples of accommodations that may be provided for eligible students who have registered with the Disability Officer may include:

  • Extra time for exams
  • Exams given in a distraction free setting
  • Assistive Equipment such as tape recorders
  • Note Takers or Readers
  • Certain types of physical equipment